The Upshaw Sale

Back a couple years ago my friend Ruebee was looking for a new bulldog, and contacted Laura Upshaw in order to purchase a dog from her recommended to Laura Upshaw by someone on facebook, she paid $4,200 dollars for one of the bulldogs. I am not sure if at the time corey upshaw and laura upshaw were married. I do know a contract was signed eventually, i do know that now the dog breeders are playing games I have all the proof to support everything. I will break things down in detail on this page

So before this contract, Ruebee has been waiting a couple years for a bulldog she paid for, finally after 2 years of excuses and waiting, Ruebees boyfriend wrote up a contract. This is the untouched contract. A lot of images been going around with little mods to them showing certain parts. It appears Ruebee accidently signed the received dog portion. This doesnt matter.

If this was the case with the receiving dog, there is laws in california that require certain material.

The Communication

Ruebee has been in contact with the sellers constantly.










Everything was fine till the date of the birth









So Ruebee being patient asks to see a pic of the 2 remaining pups.


Multiple times through this transaction Ruebee has communicated with Laura. Till she had to contact Corey cause Laura quit responding to Ruebee.

Meantime April Ruebees friend got involved and confronted Laura on this transaction. She was professional in how she approached Laura, however Laura's responses were pretty fucked up.

Anyways I looked at the contract myself from the images April posted, This what I see.

  1. Yes Ruebee prematurely signed the recieved the dog part, this doesnt matter tho, seller should have caught it.
  2. Seller claiming that ruebee has the dog is the dumbest move, as in the state of california has a law with dog sales.
  3. Shows birth of dogs was supposed to be 5/17/2017, looks like Laura tried to put 7/2017.
  4. all 3 signatures are on the same date, that looks deceitful, first 2 should have been only signatures till after recieving the dog. Any lawyer will see the date received on 4/23/2017 as non legit.


Long story short, seller's job to catch mistakes on a contract signed, also they need to ask questions about why this is how it is, if they are not the one who made it. By california law all sellers are supposed to create a contract and also a 10 point letter with the laws of dog purchases and return in california. I have included a nice list of laws

 Article 1. Sale of Dogs by Breeders

§ 122045 Short title; applicability; definitions

§ 122050 Written disclosure; delivery to each purchaser; signatures

§ 122055 Breeder records

§ 122060 Sale of ill or diseased dog; violation; civil actions; penalty

§ 122065 Unlawful acts

§ 122065.5 Housing dogs on wire flooring

§ 122070 Sale of ill or diseased dog; purchaser's remedies

§ 122075 Presumption of preexisting illness; parasites; fees for veterinary services

§ 122080 Purchaser's duties requisite to remedy

§ 122085 Conditions barring purchaser's remedies

§ 122090 Veterinarian's statement; contents

§ 122095 Contest of demand for remedy; examination of dog; judicial dispute resolution; costs

§ 122100 Written notice of rights; provision to and signature of purchaser; form; contents

§ 122105 Other consumer remedies; agreements waiving rights under chapter

§ 122110 Violations; penalties; prosecution of action

I am not here to slander anyone but Laura has a record of fraud in dog breeding, search for upshawyorkieslove in google. Shes in