Teddy Kudrna was dropped off by his mom as Skinner Butte Park in Eugene, Oregon on June 1st 2017 at 1 pm.  last seen wearing a faded, navy blue MMA T-shirt, long pants of unknown color, and black Nike tennis shoe. He was reported to have been with some people he recently have met. they claimed he allegedly fell into the river because he was disoriented and drunk. They also claim he kept saying he wanted to float down the river on his back. Teddy is 5 foot 10 and 200 lbs.

Tips can be sent to EPD: (541-682-5111) and reference case #17-08936.
OR 541-649-2001; BringTheodoreHome@gmail.com

A body has been recovered from the Willamete River according to the news. I am hoping this is not Teddy kudrna

//kval.com/news/local/police-investigate-body-spotted-in-willamette-river This is indeed Theodore Kudrna, it has been confirmed by the family on the facebook page and also Isla Dane posted about it. Eugene police said The body found had on the same clothes as the clothes Teddy was last seen in, and the wallet found on the body was his. Family released this statement


Help Bring Teddy Kudrna Home
They set up a Gofundme

Latest Flyer for Teddy Kudrna

Teddy Kudrna missing since June 1st 2017

Below is a information time line I have made with possible sightings and facts

Teddy Kudrna was dropped off at Skinner butte Park by his mom.  last seen wearing a faded, navy blue MMA T-shirt, long pants, and black Nike tennis shoe, he is 5 foot 10 and weighs 200 lbs.According to someone teddy was texting and mentioned his phone was dyingHelp find Theodore kudrna group has been made  by  Reilly TrentMadie claims she saw teddy walking down his street at 5:00 pm

Post was made by one of the girls and then deleted, someone found it and posted it. Last photo of him is Britne Taft supposedly helped Teddy out of the river, in this final picture taken. With this image he looks like hes barely concious . I have multiple times brought up how Britne taft's right hand looks like they are holding something.

Finally Sheriff, boats and police are searching the river, this is 4 days after the incident. They did about 400 yards up to the rapids and quit for the night, will resume tomorrow.Images of a conversation surfaced claiming that Teddy kudrna came out of a neighbors house and threw away his clothes, then walked down the street with no shoes. This has been unconfirmed

Search and Rescue (SARs) went out along the river bank where Teddy was last seen. They had a boat, divers, and canines. Nothing was found. They were limited going further down river due to the rocks. Still no luck.
EUGENE, Ore. - The Lane County Medical Examiner has confirmed that a body pulled from the Willamette River last weekend is Eugene teen reported missing June 1.

source: http://katu.com/news/local/medical-examiner-confirms-body-found-in-willamette-river-is-missing-eugene-teen

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