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Poser/Daz Super Heroes

100 Super Hero Poses for the Mil3 Figures

100 Super Hero Poses for the Mil4 Figures

And you can find some cool MATS for it here by Atrion:

3wcomics has a V4 Spider Woman texture:

Atrion has plenty of Super-Hero freebies here:


Bluto has some good stuff. A Sentinel head, Web shooters and stuff to help you re-create the X-Man known as Havoc:

Braynes has made a Superman texture for the Genesis Super Cape

Captain America texture for the M4 Bodysuit by Adambn

Captain Marvel by RAMwolff:

Information of what’s needed is in the zip.  There are no skin textures.

Please read the ReadMe for further info and instructions of usage.

Thanks kindly!


ChaomancerOmega has made some pretty cool GL power rings and a Jade texture for V4’s Bodysuit:

Note: These rings come untextured. It’s highly recommended you apply the shader/refection map from Rduda’s rings to these rings. They also do not come automatically parented to the figures finger, so you’ll have to all that yourself.

Cosplay (Super-Hero) Costumes by TerryMcG for V4:

Equinoxx’s Captain Marvel Textures and Green Arrow Hat for M4

Flaming Carrot and some Batgirl freebies for Vicky 1, REALLY old freebies:

GeorgeHaze’s Legion of Super-Heroes Flight Ring:

Hal001 has made some good Super-Hero stuff here:

Hasdrubal’s Gen3 freebies:

Heromorph has some good Super-Hero stuff:

Hiram67 has made some good Super-Hero textures both for the M4 Bodysuit and Second skin (JoeQuick’s Nadino Mask is optional as a texture was provided for some of them):

Ice-Boy has some good Super-Hero stuff for M4

IRON MAN by Justin02 (For M4 only):

6and6 has made several Spider-Man textures for Ice-Boy’s Spidey suit, a Red Hood Mask and a Captain America Texture for M4’s Bodysuit:

Joe Quick has several cool Super-Hero freebies:

JoeQuick also has taken the liberty of making a free full bodysuit for Genesis for Super-Hero texturing (or for any other need). Thanks so much, Joe! Here it is:


Judge Dredd:

Kev1967’s freestuff for M4, V4 and Apollo:

Michael 4 as Spider-Man!

Mylochka has made several things for V4:

Nadino has made some great X-Men textures:

Nurbs has made a Green Lantern texture for JoeQuick’s 1.6 Bodysuit for M4

Power Rangers

Predatron’s Super-Hero Complete for V3:


RawArt has created an excellent Batman: Arkham City second skin texture for M4:

Rduda has made Skeetz (Robot for Booster Gold), GL Power Rings, Legion Flight Ring, Thor’s hammer along with Loki’s helmet and even a JLA Hall of Justice:!

Rogue Pilot has made some good Gen13 stuff for M4/V4’s Bodysuits and even Power Girl:

Saint of Sinners has some Super-Hero Textures for the M4 Bodysuit

Thor’s Helmet by Scoopey:

Uzilite’s Superman for M4:

Vacasoft has some Super-Hero freebies scattered throughout his account:

Vulcanis has Batcave Props and a Batman Cowl for M3