My WishList

20 Low Rez Vehicles

2009 Chevy Camaro

50 Shades of Great – V4-M4

All Action Hero for M4

Black Angel

D3D Perfect Skin 2 – Poser Python Script

Dolly Base for Genesis 2 Female(s)

Infatuation for V4M4 & G2FG2M

Open Apartment

Raven Black

Y3DJLL SexyEdge ClubNights V4/A4/G4/Elite

Z Sin Will Find You – Separates Collection – V4-G2F/V6

VHP Melanie

Carrara stuff

Koneka (add on for Koneko)

Scripts-Palette Master

Scripts Servant

PASS Ultimate Bundle

Modular Living Set 1 – The Basics

Elevation for TerraDome2

SkyPack 1 – For TerraDome 2

Terra Morphs Volume 1 Mountains

TMNT Bundle

BlackKnight Bundle 02

XenoMorph 02-06

XenoMorph 02-05

XenoMorph 02-00 FaceHugger

xenomorph 02-bundl

(No images do the graphic nature of them…… yea right im adding them slowly)

OMG The Bed Room 2 for G2

OMG The Bed Room1 for G2


Futanari – Bundle

OMG FemGen for G2 Female

The Spanking

Darkseal’s Real Skin for V4

SledgeHammer’s OMGSpanked for V4M4

Davo’s “Spank You Very Much” Pack 1

Richabri’s V4 BadGirl MegaPack

Henrika’s Spanking Fun M4V4

Babbelbub Tender Skin

DrTaJ’s Post Work Kit (Light Skin)

DrTaJ’s BK Bess CS

 Faces of O – Edge Expr…

 Faces of O – Edge Expr…

ForbiddenWhispers’ Forbidden Illuminations BUNDLE!!

Darkseal’s Special FX

Master Skin Resource 3 – Genesis 2 Female

Master Skin Resource 2 Roxie

Master Skin Resource 1 – Genesis 2 Female

Facials Maker and cum on my Tits Bundle

FantasyErotic’s comT (Cum on my Tits)


Darkseal’s Zbrush 101

METOO1’s Modelling

Poser Post Work 101

Poser Post Work 102 Render Passes

Poser Vendor Help 101 Video Tutorial

Poser to GoZ Zbrush Video Tutorial

Zbrush to Poser Intermediate Clothing Tutorial