DECEASED and Body has been recovered

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Kendall Smith gone missing

Kendall Smith was last seen on the boat bridge with someone, whom went to get a bag from his vehicle, heard a scream and sounded like someone going into the water.

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Body has been recovered

Kendall Smith’s body has been recovered.


Kendall Smith

Kendall Smith, 21 was last seen by hayden bridge boat ramp. She was reported missing after 11 pm on June 1st

According to the report, Kendall was out having a picnic with a friend. the friend claims that they went to their vehicle to get a bag, and heard screams and then what sounded like someone going into the water.

Kendall Lynn Smith is a 21 year old female, who stands 5 foot 8 weighing 105 lbs, she has tattoos on her left thigh ankle and her back. Hair color is Maroon, Eyes are blue. If you see her contact the information on this poster.