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New Artists can now submit to Music Catalog (IMVU)

Promotional Bundles (IMVU)

Want to make promotion bundles and gifts for IMVU? (IMVU)
UPDATE: Changes in Badge Coding (IMVU)

Get your answers about badges here! (ElectricImp)
Change to the way re-rated products and refunds are handled

furkinis? just checking
(Staff clarification post)

GA Skin Clarification
(Staff clarification post here
.) (BellaBrown)
IMVU stance on changing a mesh after derive or sale

IMVU stance on setting your derive as derivable

IMVU stance on submitting a derive with no changes

IMVU posts concerning transfer limits

Nipples: GA/AP/UFI? Staff clarification
Warning: AP link
Product re-rating process

Products with Incorrect Derivation Chain Information

Common Issues
Animated Icons Info & Poll(Boutoo)

Create Mode Submission Errors
(Mod Thread)
How to Paste CFL in 3 Easy Steps (mercuria)

Just a reminder about poly count. (yokoed)

Link to resources page? (Clouds)

Monitor Contrast and brightness calibration!

Please Read: Important Notice Regarding Hotlinking (Mod thread)

Screenshots in new client (mercuria)

Cool widgets
Cat Badges (Boutoo)

Product theft and DMCA notices -- what to do (IMVU)

Developer Tokens (Keef)

Selling imvu credits a Question ? (Pinktoes)

Peer Review
~Offical Peer Review Thread~ (Mod thread)

Peer Review Survival Guide (AnakaTarren)

Developer Run Support Groups (Keef)

FREE Draw / Paint Programs! (OracleGoddess)

IMVU's hidden links and features (neo1471)

NEW List of Creators Restarted... Please Read (MommaReggie)

Post your derivables!



Basic steps of Create Mode

Create Mode Tutorials (4U thread)

New Promo Bundles (Staff thread)

Tutorials-Get started(Keef)

Tutorial Links (Mod thread)

Unofficial Create Mode Tutorials (Mod Thread)

Watermarking your Mesh for Identification (Mod3d)

New Devs Learn here! How to get started at IMVU (mercuria)

Sintek's Plain-English Step by step guides to Developing. (sintek)

Important CC resources that are not necessarily located in this forum.Content Creator Center

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Product Re-Rating Process (Varsha)

Third Party ToolsPlease be aware that IMVU does not endorse, regulate, enforce usage of, etc any third party tools. Use of them is at your own risk. Any issues, questions or problems need to be worked out with the creator of the tool.

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Teapot (Cassiopeian)

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