November 5, 2018

legal fees for Sheila Cook

legal fees for Sheila Cook
legal fees for Sheila Cook 1

of $5,000 goal

Hardworking Mother of 5, 3 living with us, 2 being autistic, we own a business together SleepyNerd LLC something I started when she moved here, to make her business legit here, got her business licensed in Richland, Wa, her past has caught up with her and shes innocent.  I have all the proof on

We have a bailbonds men willing to work with us from  we may have someone to sign, all we need is $1500 dollars for the bail, We have quite a few people who are willing to put up the money. Also we have a lawyer who will take the case for $5000 dollars, $1500 up front, only up to the pretrial. I personally want Sheila to stay in Jail till the 17th and see what happens. I also want to talk to my lady, I want her to talk to her kids. But this is about so much more than My fiance

This is about the rights of dog breeders being able to have the clause in their contract saying non refundable deposit, about the fact the clients should see the fact that it was December 2017 breeding, Issue is that Donald closed the website down never told anyone. He also hurt alot of customers websites doing so. Sheila pointed the people over to him about the frenchie. She is not a spokesperson for coyotefrenchies, that stopped October 3rd 2017 her last email sent out to a customer. Sheilas ex bf the co defender received probation. He should have received so much more.

1 of the people who filed charges was a Buyer who at the last minute was asking for the deposit back, not because they cant afford it, its cause they bought another dog and decided that they couldnt fit another dog, and when there was no response the husband got involved. Its obvious these 2 did not read the contract it clearly states non refundable deposit. This case should have never involved Sheila Cook.

See the justice system allows you to take a plea offer. Donald Wiley took the plea to avoid his emails and facebook to be searched as evidence, he is a major scammer. Now Sheila is next in line. and I do not want her to take a plea She is fully innocent.

I need your help to get this set right, She is a hardworking woman, her entire life and career is based on honesty and integrity. The fact that she is even accused of this shit is offending to me. The day she was arrested she was going to a 2nd job interview that evening for a job making around 60k a year. This woman does not lie, and she does not scam. Her ex bf just didnt finish the breeding that was contracted, he never changed the contracts after she left, and so now shes in jail waiting for her day in court.

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