Sheila Cook the Relationship that was unplanned for….

Enter Sheila Cook

Cook and This relationship with  was not planned for. I had recently broken up with Brandy and i was just chilling. She now and then asked for assistance in uploading some images cause of the internet speeds in her brothers home. That was it. We talked a lot on facebook messenger but it was always about working on websitesI just did my normal thing, i enjoyed having a friend I could talk to all the time, who enjoyed the same things I do but we were just friends. It took a while to actually realize we were falling for each other.If you read the convo in the facebook chat between us you can almost figure out when we started developing feelings for one another.


Name: Forrest Age: 42 Location: Washington State enjoys computers, programming, web design and development. I really enjoy working with 3d models. Was recently diagnosed with narcolepsy with cataplexy. It all the sudden appeared in 2011. My life has not been the same.

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