reality 4.1 in the horizon

In a few weeks a new version of Reality will be released.
reality 4.1 in the horizon - 10f2c734 eccd 456b b43b 41ef53723964 - reality 4.1 in the horizonReality 4.1 renders your scene at an amazing speed, up to 10 time faster or even more, compared to Reality 4.0. All this by using he CPU, no need for an expensive GPU. This feature will work with the CPU that you already have (support for SSSE3 or higher is required). 

This new version will be a free upgrade to all Reality 4.0 users, to express my gratitude for all the support that you have given to Reality in the past five years. 

Reality has pioneered the use of physically-based rendering for the Poserverse, wheter you use Poser of DAZ Studio, and it continues to innovate with each new release. Together with the amazing acceleration mentioned before, there will be a number of great User Interface improvements in Reality 4.1. 

Among all the great features, Reality is the only rendering solution that allows you to render and work in Poser or Studio while the render runs. 

To celebrate this new milestone I wanted to share a video that shows the new Reality 4.1 in action.


Name: Forrest Age: 42 Location: Washington State enjoys computers, programming, web design and development. I really enjoy working with 3d models. Was recently diagnosed with narcolepsy with cataplexy. It all the sudden appeared in 2011. My life has not been the same.
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